Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cat and Mouse Story

Photo By Grandma C

It was an unusually quiet day, just me at my computer working on my latest blog. My cat, who I thought was taking a nap in a warm sunny spot was just around the corner.

Out of the blue came a very loud EEYOWW from our little kitty.
Worried what I might find, I hurried to see if he was hurt. 

Only I found him sitting still as a statue with his back pressed against the hallway wall. His eyes glued to the bottom of our old 50's style wall heater. 

To help him with his hunt, I pulled away the bottom grill to see if there was anything inside, but nothing was there. I replaced the grill and went back to my computer relieved that all was well and that nothing was trying to enter our home. 
But that was not the end of it for little kitty he just sat there for another 4 hours. 
When kitty finally got up from his post. He proudly pranced into the room where I was with. his treasure as if to say, "This is what I was waiting for you lazy human". Then he ran off with his new treasure to play cat and mouse in the bathroom.

I leave it to you to imagine how the story ends for the mouse.

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