Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Mushroom - A Story

The Mushroom

She lives alone in a small darkened world.
Not far away on her mountain top she waits for a little rain,
As she waits, little bits of this and little bits of that, fall gently all around her,
Eventually making a warm comfortable bed of all her favorite snacks.

Hidden away in her warm dark moist world.
She nibbles and snuggles deep among the rotting forest floor.
She awaits... then as the right time approaches and the conditions are right.
She begins her journey up, up and up through the forest floor,
Where she sprouts and develops into her own form of beauty round and plump
Then as she ages she lets loose her spores in random form
to begin a new family of mushrooms for next season to be born.

Also a big thank you to my sister for the inspiration for today's mushroom story.

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