Thursday, July 5, 2012

Photography of Light Houses

Recently while listing to the song Kodachrome by Paul Simon on the radio.
I was reminded of my sweet little 35mm camera I took with me every where.
It was on one trip to the ocean, I learned a valuable lesson about photography that we no longer have to worry about with our new digital camera's.
I spent the day capturing beautiful photos of  the sea, birds, light houses and waves.  The next day I dropped off my roll of 35mm film for processing.  A few days later I when went to pick up my photos, I was told everything came out black.
The roll of film never engaged in the teeth of the camera and not a single photo had been taken.
Lesson learned.... I remembered to check my camera every time after.... but now none of us have to worry about that with our new digital cameras.  lol

1 comment:

  1. Well, I have sort of done that...
    My little point and shoot, which I used for a couple of years before blowing all my Christmas and birthday money for the year on a DSLR, let me take about 40 shots, before I realized I had not put the memory card in...