Monday, June 10, 2013

A Story - Two Little Brown Mice in search of Miners Lettuce

Two little brown mice walking down a dusty worn deer trail spied an opening between some tall grasses.  As they reached the opening they spied an open meadow filled with color.
They saw yellow, blue, pink, red and green everywhere.  Many of the brightly colored flowers were way up high above their heads where their little paws could not reach.
"Oh This is beautiful" said the smaller of the two little brown mice.
The other mouse replied "I am so hungry, I wonder if there is anything tasty in the meadow for us to eat?"
So they took turns jumping up as high as their little legs would allow.
The little brown mouse asked the larger brown mouse "Do you see anything? Anything at all?"
The larger brown mouse said " I think I see a log just around the corner of the big red flowers",
"Lets walk over there, so I can climb the log and get a better look".
So the little brown mouse and the big brown mouse scampered through the tall grasses looking for the moss covered log.
"There it is" cried the little brown mouse, "It's right behind the the big red flowers".
The two little brown mice ran as fast as they could to the moss covered log.
Panting from all the jumping and running the large brown mouse grabbed onto a green vine and hoisted himself up and up till he could reach half way up the moss covered log.
Cheers filled the air from the little brown mouse below.
As the larger brown mouse climbed to the top of the moss covered log he began to see that the meadow was much larger and surrounded by many large redwood trees.
Way up high in one redwood tree was a very large clump of branches.
Something he had never noticed before,  "What is that he thought?"
Then quickly put his thoughts behind him when he heard the small voice of the little brown mouse again asking "Do you see anything? Anything at all?"
He called back to the little brown mouse, "Yes! I see lots of good things to eat!"  "The best looking Miners Lettuce I have ever seen is out in the middle of the meadow!"
The little brown mouse jumped up and down with joy and began to chant "We eat today, We eat today, We eat good today!"
The big brown mouse climbed down until he could reach the long green vine again.
Then he used the long green vine to slide down to the grasses below where the little brown mouse waited.
They both joined paws and ran through the tall grasses singing all the way to the large patch of Miners Lettuce, "We eat today, We eat today, We eat good today!"
This in turn awoke the large sleepy owl who was sitting in the big clump of branches in the tall redwood tree on the other side of the colorful flower filled meadow.
The large sleepy owl now fully awake looked down at the two little brown mice and began to sing...

"We Eat Today, We Eat Today, We Eat Good Today"

Author, Grandma C.
A Grandma C’s Place Photo 2013
Miners Lettuce photo taken in Henry Cowell State Park, CA

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