Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Redwood Violet or Wild Ginger - Can You Tell The Difference?

Redwood Violet

Wild Ginger
Many people have trouble identifying both of these plants in the redwood forest.
Both have heart shaped leaves, live in the same areas and are about the same size.
When they are in bloom it is easy to tell them apart... as seen above...
 the yellow flower is on the Redwood Violet
But when they are not in bloom where it gets hard.
With practice you can learn to tell them apart.
It starts with two small differences.

The Redwood Violet has deeper and more pronounced veins 
with a jagged saw like edge all around the leaf.

The Wild Ginger is flat with smooth edges.

Now that you know...
go take a hike in the woods
and practice your new skill.

Happy Hiking!

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