Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mountain Misery / Bear Clover / Kit-Kit-dizze

I am posting photos of this plant again because it is so much more than I realized..... 
The Miwok Indians who named it Kit-Kit-dizze used it as a remedy for ailments.
It is key to keeping deer alive and fed in the winter when the snows cover the mountains.
It massive route system spreads many feet wide and several feet deep which prevents mud slides after wild fires.
It also has another thing going for it...nitrogen fixation
You will have to look it up because I can't explain what it means or does. But it is a good thing.
So when you see it in the woods you can smile knowing it is a plant at work doing good stuff for us and the earth.

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  1. so beautiful and doing a job to... love the name of it...