Sunday, July 6, 2014

Virtual Hike In The Forest

Oh good.... your here!
Got your hiking boots on?
Did you fill your water bottles? 
You may bring your walking stick and camera if you like.
Note pad and pen would be advised. In case there is a quiz later on the hike..
This trip could take more than a couple of days through the virtual forest, depending on what we find.
We will be looking to find as many different ferns as we can and identify them as we go....

Lets hit the trail.... and NO picking the flowers!

Oh Look A Fern!

Lets continue hiking.....


  1. hubby doesn't like hiking with me in the forest because i stop at every stick, stone, fern etc...

    1. I have the same problems... wonder if it is because they have the same first name. lol

  2. wait a minute... I just tripped over my shadow like Mama! ;)