Friday, September 26, 2014

Exciting New Mushroom

A few days ago after the sky spit out a few drops of rain...  I thought maybe just maybe.. 
I might get to find some mushrooms in Henry Cowell State Park to snap a few shots of.
Before walking the loop I checked the visitors center to see if anyone had seen any new 
mushrooms but now one had, so it was up to me to sniff out my own. 
First I headed on down the trail to where I knew an old rotting stump that usually had Shelf Mushroom 
growing and there it was looking good as always. 
It gets enough moisture from the daily fogs to survive even in a drought so it seems.  
It was later down the trail about 3/4's way around the loop, just when I was about to give up on finding any others at all was when I found these beauties..... I didn't expect to see any with blue on them either.

Maybe some day I will find out what kind this one is.  It was not in my mushroom book....  :)

UPDATE:  We just had some rain!  The mushrooms should be returning!
Yayyyy   I can hardly wait to see what will be hiding in the forest now!!


  1. hooray for rain! i like the lichen/mosses growing near those shrooms, too!

  2. Those are neat looking mushrooms! My great-grandmother knew all about mushrooms, which ones could be eaten and which to avoid...wish the information was passed down!

  3. I wish I knew more about mushrooms--which ones to eat. I remembering gathering them with my mother as a kid, but I wouldn't trust myself to do it anymore.

  4. Wonder if cousin Kathy Mccrobie would know...