Friday, September 19, 2014

Missing Misty Mornings

With all the beautiful dry days we have been having...
I just realized that I have forgotten all about the misty mornings I used to enjoy.
The mornings that started out clear and as the sun warmed the wet marsh it would 
make this beautiful ground fog.  The kind you see in scary movies where creepy things hide.
Guess I should stop complaining and enjoy the dry for what it is.. 
because it could all change in an instant and 
turn my nice sunshine into a cold wet soggy dreary mess.


  1. Beautiful. I get to see these misty mornings too on my morning walks.

  2. I love the beauty of those quiet, misty mornings.

  3. So beautiful, I love misty mornings. Hopefully fall will bring us a few morning like that here, right now it too dry.