Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mystery / Legend of Rail-Road Bob

On our recent Roaring Camp train ride through the Santa Cruz mountains the train stopped a moment by this interesting spot. 
Because nothing was said I began to wonder.. 
Is there is some really cool legend behind it?  Coastal area's are sometimes like that.
So far my internet search did not have an answer.
When I get the story behind Rail-Road Bob I will most certainly give you all an update.


  1. well now my curiosity might just kill me...

  2. Love that train ride. It's been a number of years since we did it...around 10. Beautiful area. Daughter in law's family used to own a house at Mount Hermon. Old stomping grounds for us.
    That being said...I know nothing about your mystery. Would love to know more.

  3. If anyone knows the story of Rail Road Bob, I hope they will clue us all in!