Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ohlone Day

Over the weekend I attended 27th Annual Ohlone Day at Henry Cowell State Park 
I think this was my third time.
This time instead of taking photos I decided to just enjoy the day.
While my husband practiced his Atlatl throwing, 
I joined or watched a few Ohlone games such as Spin the Acorn it is much like how we spin tops,
Walnut Dice and Counting Sticks are two games I still need to learn the rules to but it was fun to watch.
Another game that was being played was the Hoop Game where arrow's are tossed 
through the center of different sized hoops. 
Then there was traditional Ohlone Dancing to watch through out the day..
One of my husbands favorite events is watching them make food which is started early in the day.  
One year it was acorns being ground and cooked into mush for everyone to sample. 
This year it was a grain that almost tasted like ground cooked flax seed.
I did not see any Fry Bread being sold as in my picture above, each year it is a little different.
I am already looking forward to next year.