Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fright Month Day 12 - Mushroom Party

Tilly, Milly and Zelda after reading the Forest News article about the up coming Forest Halloween Party.
After putting their heads together they decided their usual darling mushroom costumes would no longer do.  Every year since they were sprouts they entered the contest for the best costume. 
But  every year the prize always went to the family of deer at the end of the creek. 
The three of us have to admit their glorious antlers are stunning, said Zelda.
But this time it will be very different said Tilly and Milly in unison as they ran for their costumes
hidden behind the sleeping oak tree and snoring so loud Milly dropped her basket.

When the three little mushrooms Tilly, Milly and Zelda returned they showed off their new costumes...

Tilly the Vampire with Bat Bows
Milly the Messy Zombie Baker
Zelda the Spider Witch of the Woods 

Do we have a winner or will the award be going to the Deer Family down by the creek?


  1. well with all that work... they are sure to win! lol.... especially Zelda!

  2. Seeing as how I'm a bakery manager I would vote for these girls to win because of Milly's Messy Zombie Baker costume

  3. they could easily win but you win the Most Creative Blogger award in my book. i am loving your fights month