Friday, October 17, 2014

Fright Month Day 17 - Night of the Crow

Was the night before Halloween. 
The crows were all settled in for the night on their favorite branches to sleep..
In the distance cackling voices could be heard.
Nothing serious... just the local witches chattering about their day.
The sound of a roaring hot fire and bubbling brew began to fill the night air.
More cackles and chatter from the witches could be heard
Then a loud scream then an explosion...
The night sky glowed green.
The crows awakened by the noise 
crowed in disgust....  "You Witches hush up! 
 Us Crow's need their sleep!"

They flew from their branches into the night sky and vanished into the black...


  1. Poor crows, trying to sleep with those rowdy witches around. Cool picture

  2. ha ha... don't wake up the crows... you are a really good writer.. bet those witches were brewing their very own meth..

  3. Crows are the perfect choice for Halloween. They are creepy and screechy too. Great photo and treatment.