Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fright Month Day 21 - Swamp Witch

Being a Wicked Swamp Witch in California is not an easy job.

First of all the lack of  rain dried up all swamps...
which caused the Skeeters to buy bus tickets to Colorado.

The remaining alligators waiting to eat anything that passes by 
were resorting to selling themselves as purses and laptop bags on street corners.

Deep in the woods....  I mean Swamp....

The only swamp creatures left were a cackle of crows and one lonely witch
 and when I say lonely I mean lonely....
She was so lonely the crows were ready to hitch a ride on the next passing jet.

A few days later the Lonely Swamp Witch 
spies a spider web hanging on a near by bush...

In the center of the web a lonely spider was singing a sad song.

The Lonely Swamp Witch just had to ask the spider.... "Why are you singing such a sad song?"

The spider replied....

"Because Lonely Swamp Witches annoy me!"

With those words.... poof... the Lonely Swamp Witch vanishes


  1. all your skeeters are here in texas the past 2 weeks!

  2. not all the skeeters went to Texas, half of them are here, and 4 of them are inside my house.. loved the story. you are a talented writer and story teller.. i like how the witch left her hat behind

  3. Nice picture and cute story. : )

  4. what a cute store although I doubt that the witch would agree