Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fright Month Day 23 - Pumpkin Head Yetti

You most likely have never heard of him..

He is called the Pumpkin Head Yetti

He is very rare, even more rare than Big Foot, Sasquatch,
and should never be confused with the large Abominable Snowman or White Yetti's seen in the cold north.
The Pumpkin Head Yetti hides deep in the Redwood Forest and only comes out of hiding in mid October.

You must be quiet when hunting for him as he is easily frightened and will vanish as quickly as he is seen.

It takes a special eye to see him because...
He is invisible to the naked eye.
If you have enough patience, the right lighting and a good camera
you just might be able to capture the essence of his form as he hides among the pines.

At the time of this posting..
I of course am the only known human to have seen him
 in his natural habitat and
to have captured this rare photo of the legendary....

Pumpkin Head Yetti


  1. So proud of you!! and where did you get your patients? the local funny farm? giggle...

  2. wow and now we all have seen him... hope i don't run into one here, looks really scary...