Monday, October 6, 2014

Fright Month Day 6 - Witches Test Drive

Wanda wanting to be the fastest witch on Halloween night...
bought herself the latest state of the art 2015 Super SS Hybrid Drag Broom.

Wanting to do a test drive to see what her broom capabilities were..
she took her new 2015 Super SS Hybrid Drag Broom out for a late evening drive.

She was thrilled when it sped off the ground without smoking like her old broom.
Around the sky she flew and even challenged a bat or two to a race around
the church steeples below.... cackling as she won each race....

That is when she noticed a red button on her broom...
that read....
"Extreme Flight Booster"

Cool!! she cackled as she pushed the button.

At first nothing happened.... then a rumble ... the broom shook....




Wanda's new hybrid broom explodes lighting up the night sky above Castle Grim.

Maybe Wanda should have taken more caution in her choice of broom?


  1. My grandson would get a real kick out of this Halloween series. It's his favorite holiday.

  2. poor poor wanda!

  3. I hope Wanda had a good insurance policy. Cute story

  4. i love the edit and the story is hilarious.... will we get to see the explosion?

  5. Too funny. You are so creative and I love the photo too.

  6. I just saw Poor Wanda hobbling across my yard a couple nights ago. I tried to help her but she just huffed and grabbed my cane. I warned her it was my Angel cane Silly girl... it don't fly!