Friday, October 10, 2014

Fright Month Day 9 TimeWarp 10 - Wanda's Bad Brew

It was a beautiful October day and Wanda wanted to make a 
special brew for her daughters Birthday party.

First she needed to hike the nearby hill side
 She only wanted the very best mushrooms of the season.

But the weather was to dry and all she could find 
were some wilted flowers, dusty old pine cones and moss.

She picked up the wilted flowers and placed them in her backpack.

Then up from a hole in the ground a magical lizard appeared.
He told her that he could provide her with everything she needed 
and popped back down into his hole.

Wanda waited... 

and waited...

and waited some more...

When Mr. Magic the lizard appeared 
all he had was one very tiny bag in his front foot.

Wanda told him "How do you expect me to make a large brew
for a Birthday party from that tiny bag?"

Mr Magic the lizard said "Don't need to get your hat in a twist..."
This tiny little bag is enough for three parties...

Wanda still wasn't sure.... but she took the bag from Mr. Magic Lizard anyway.

Later back at her kettle of boiling water...
she opened the tiny bag...

tossed it in the pot.....



Wanda Vanished

Where Wanda went we will never know....
but she did get to wish her daughter a



  1. aren't you just so clever! but Poor Wanda!

  2. We will wonder where Wanda went---probably with Wendall to Wisconsin.