Thursday, October 9, 2014

Happy Grumpy Halloween

 After a long business meeting with my pumpkins......
It was brought to my attention that I have a very unhappy pumpkin.
He doesn't like doing a rush job nor does he like the afternoon rush hour traffic.
He would rather get up early with the sun and enjoy do his chores and be done with it.
So I took a survey and checked the books to see if changing the hours of hard labor
back to a more comfortable time for old grumpy pumpkin would be best and....
the conclusion is..
Ya.... we like the early morning hours of work with the mid day snooze...
So all posts will be going back to their usual early morning hours give or take a minute or two. lol

Mrs.  Happy Pumpkin and Mr. Grumpy Pumpkin
Wishing you all a Happy Halloween


  1. Did you see Cuz'n Sheril's post as to where those candy corn teeth came from?

  2. you gotta go with what works for you. Mine publish while I'm sleeping since I write them the night before and schedule them to publish at 12:30 am

  3. careful, your talent is showing. these are really good

  4. Nice thing about having your own blog is that you get to be in charge of it.