Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fly In My Web

Just like a annoying fly/virus popup...
It flew it's way right through the web and on to my computer....
It just sat there on my screen going ding ding ding/ buzz buzz buzz
My computer just lay there like a broken tree still and not moving.

After days of computer drama and lots of internet browser foot dragging.
I started hunting down evil files that needed to be deleted..
 browsers and virus software were not immune to my trash can...

Lost in the fog they lay till I found them and sent them to their grave...
Then began the the task of setting things back to it's normal state...  I HOPE.

With crossed fingers the computer was restarted...
 I am hopefully back for good.

Update:   I previously mentioned to one of you that I thought it was Google Chrome with the issue.... actually I can't really say which browser was responsible for the issues.  But for now Firefox is in retirement.  


  1. oh no. I think a computer virus is more painful than the human strain.

  2. My Chrome is driving me crazy... i have to shut it down and use Firefox.. i love chorme and don't want to use another browser. i did the hunt and delete and scan and all that stuff and uninstall/reinstall of chrome which helped some. the thing is it doesn't drag its feet on FF or IE just Chrome... hope yours is back and ready to roll... enjoyed the picture story and the story...

  3. Wow that is a great shot of the fly.

  4. I love Chrome, and Firefox is my second go go. I have the Adblock app on my Chrome and it blocks all pop ups which I think are the worst virus carriers ever. I put it on my mom's Chrome browser and it has stopped their virus issues.
    I love the cemetery shot above. Have a lovely weekend. I do not know how I found you- just clicking around..but I know Sandra above and I bet that was my link.