Thursday, February 26, 2015

One Little Drop

They are saying California still needs rain....
So I am doing another rain dance...
Your welcome to chant with me and do your fancy foot work.

For those of you who are buried in snow
I feel a little sad for you.... but then....maybe not...  lol 
Want a little sunshine?
we have plenty to share...
Just don't forget to bring your snow and water with you..  lol
Now for a video from my Youtube channel..

Happy Thursday!


  1. hiyayayaya hiyayayaya... helping with your rain dance! love your ocean pictures... my favorite place to be!

  2. you sound like me.. i love living in the land of sunshine... no snow or freezing cold for me... beautiful photos. all that wonderful water and not a drop to drink. rain dance now

  3. I love summer but I love winter too. : )
    Fantastic waves.

  4. Beautiful images of the ocean.. I wish I was there... Have a happy weekend!

  5. Gorgeous, captivating and serene series of photos. :)

  6. I'll do a rain dance for you too. ;) Beautiful photos!