Saturday, March 14, 2015

Nature Photo Challenge

Nature Photo Challenge for those of you who are bored and want something interesting and new to do.....

1. Start with your back ground.  I used a cloud covered sheet of paper for mine.
2. Find your weeds and leaves.  What ever inspires you from your garden will do fine.
3. Lay them out on your background to form your photo.
4. Grab your camera and snap a few.
5. Edit and save your master piece.
6. Print or upload your photo for friends to see.

Weeds used:  Bermuda Grass, 
Dandy Lion leaves, flower and seed pod for trees and sun
 then a few rose leaves for the hills in the rear.

Hoping to see you try this one Mad Snapper


  1. fantastic and i really like it

  2. Wow that is so nice. Very creative. I'm impressed.

  3. what a neat idea. Right now about the only thing I'm going to find outside is dead stuff.