Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Aging Paint Layers

I have been walking past these pipes for roughly two years and never paid any attention to them until........
Bright sun and shadows brought out the colors in the aging paint.
I could not resist their calls to.... "Photograph Us!"


  1. Wow that is a lot of coats of paint. Interesting photo.

  2. Wondering..... are they still holding back water? awesome, Moonbeam!

  3. i love that first shot. so many layers of paint. it is Pipe ART and the last one is beautiful to... the sun points out all kinds of things we might miss. when my kids were very young, i bought a chest of drawers that was painted. instead of stripping i painted it blue, later i painted it red, then i wanted it to be wood and started to strip the paint. it had at least 7 layers of paint. just like these pipes. i gave up on it and painted it black.