Saturday, April 18, 2015

Refreshing Visit

Went to see a therapist.
The very tall good looking doctor said I was in bad shape and in need of therapy.
So he and his assistants had me sit in their office for several hours while they helped me work through all my troubles and my stress.
I am feeling much better now.
I think I just make it through another week till my next appointment.
I recommend everyone visit a Doctor Tree in your area.
You will be better in no time.


  1. Good Advice there, Moonbeam! and a good portrait you took of Good looking Doctor Tree!

  2. Your doctor tree has a very beautiful office. Was this his exam room or the waiting room? :)

  3. I LOVE THIS... Doctor Tree would help me to. i love trees. also Doctor Gulf of Mexico has helped me many times in the past, doing what you did, just sitting in the presence of nature

  4. I love it. Dr. Tree and Dr. Gulf of Mexico. You girls are so right.