Thursday, June 4, 2015

Left Behind

 Some things left behind  in our state parks may be common but other stuff is... not.
I captured these shots before their removal on one morning hike.

With all the cut backs Park Rangers are in need our help this summer.
Lets bring stray items to the visitors center and make sure trash gets put in the trash cans.

 When visiting our parks this summer lets all do our part...
Pickup our trash and say "Thank You" to all the Rangers and Service Crews that pick up the rest.

 Not sure who is picking up the goodies left behind by the wild animals.... 
But who ever they are they need a big Thank You! 


  1. Good Job, Moonbeam!

  2. great idea, our outdoors thanks you to.... i don't understand why people can't put things in the trash cans... even Walmart has to hire someone to walk the parking lot pickig up trash

  3. I can't imagine why someone would have their Safeway Club Card out at the park--- getting a discount on the view? Nice pix!