Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Seeing Things

 Every time walk past this fallen tree.....  I think I see things.

Do you see any thing?

Actually I don't see the spooky skull, bird, cat and spooky tree, I added them with Picmonkey.

What I have seen though is an elephant, two howling dogs, one ghost, several faces and lots of other items.
A couple of docents at Henry Cowell shared with me stories of shapes they have seen.
 I am still looking for several of those shapes.... maybe it is the lighting? 

Their is a really cute ghost on this root but he can't be seen in this shot.
Maybe later on I will post photos of  him ... but then maybe not.  
I wouldn't want to ruin the fun. lol

In the mean time.....  
Tell me what you see in the comments. 
It will be fun to see what some of you find.


  1. the first one i see a prehistoric monster with pincher like arms reaching out. i am thinking it changes with the light what you see in there. that is a pretty cool old root system.

  2. Ah--- someone else who sees things in the roots of fallen trees! Thanks for sharing these.

  3. at first I thought it sort of looked like an alien. Then I noticed a deer laying over the top of the whole thing.