Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Almost Missed It

Sometimes many of us walk right past little hidden bits of nature as we go through our day....
But now I like leaving early to appointments and bring my camera so I don't miss little treasures like these...

A cluster of mushrooms hiding under some bushes outside a medical building...

A large fungus growing on the trunk of an old oak tree in the parking lot...

A Strawberry Tree with its flowers and brightly colored fruit 


  1. I find tree fungi fascinating for some reason.
    "The Fun Guy" is a mushroom seller at the Saturday farmers' market. It generally does not take much to amuse me.

  2. it is odd to see mushrooms hidden away like that, they are usually in plain sight. love you pics today

  3. Interesting looking fungi.
    One reason I like walking is to see all the little things that most people don't see.

  4. right now even when I have my camera I don't see things like this because it's all buried in snow