Saturday, October 14, 2017

To Be Continued....

First I would like to thank for having the perfect witch for me to color.  You just made my day.   It goes so well with the rest of today's post.  Notice the witch is not finished?  There is a reason the witch is not done....... read on......

Now lets get to the point of this October Blog..

My book....

Let me remind you this is only a teaser...
This is my first book and the book is not finished..  
At the end feel free to leave me a comment and tell me what you think...

Evil Chicken and the Backwards Witch

It was late October and just outside a deep dark forest…
A small group of witches were getting ready for their yearly Broom Festival. 
Scrubbing the dirt off their brooms takes time after a year of sweeping cobwebs and flying through dirty winds.  After the brooms were scrubbed they began rubbing the brooms fine oil made from lizard spit and bay leaves.
As they worked they talked and cackled about one event in particular they were excited about, the Moonlight Broom Races.
Because it takes 20 years to become proficient enough to fly in the race the witches are usually older wiser witches because it takes time and lots of practice to become the Broom Queen and win the Golden Broom Award.
Broom Races always involve a long range moon flyby something that is not done every year.  With the speeds and distances involved in the race it can be very dangerous as well.
Two nights before the festival was to open as the witches cleaned their brooms one witch named Zelda told a story as a reminder to all the witches about a previous race when a witch became ill and died during one racing event.

Meanwhile… just outside of town in a deep dark forest lives an evil chicken.
During full moons in the fall it had the habit of laying moldy green eggs.
The green glowing eggs give off a sweet aroma of hot horsefly sweat.
For most the sweet smell of hot horse fly sweat can’t be detected or smelled most of the year.
Only in the month of October and even then it takes a special event like a full moon for the eggs to glow bright green and produce the aroma of hot horsefly sweat.

But Zelda’s story didn’t scare the wild child Broom Hilda because she was the current winning champ and had held that honor for the last 10 years. Besides she was the granddaughter of the last Broom Race Queen.  She had no worries other than watching out for any other witch that might be out to take away her record and delay her goals... 10 more years to go and she is well on her way to becoming the next Broom Race Queen.
As the days pass and Halloween approached Broom Hilda forgot all warnings.  Feeling confident, her broom is ready and in top form.  She skips the final test run of the day… before race day.
Thinking to herself, she has worked hard, believing she deserves a day off…..

I think I will take a long walk.  I have never been into the dark forest.  I want to know why none of the witches want to go there.   It looks so pretty from the outside.
Seeing an opening between two large trees Broom Hilda peers into the darkened woods.
“Wow it sure is dark in the woods” she thinks to herself.

To Be Continued........  

Happy October!


  1. I love the color book witch and thanks for the link, I saved it to my favorites. I did read the story and it is hard for me to critique because I am a person who has never seen Wizard of Oz, or Harry Potter, or even Mary Poppins. by choice because its not my thing. but I do know several bloggers who will love this, as it is there thing. I do think you have a talent for writing. have fun and good luck

  2. I liked the story and look forward to the next part. : )
    Going to check out the link. Thanks.

  3. it is that time of year. the suspense has been built. don't leave us hanging.